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Babejuicy-20.28 lbs Life-size Realistic Cute Young Sex Doll(387)

Babejuicy-20.28 lbs Life-size Realistic Cute Young Sex Doll

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Firm And Huge Boobs. They are the Climax of An Orgy!
The bust measurement of this beautiful sex doll's torso is 23.22 inches. Maybe you don't have a specific concept of this size, do. Does this mean she has big breasts? Yes! Her body is very petite, only 21.65 inches, and her bust is more than her body length, defined as sexy!

BBW sex doll torso
This dimension is difficult for real women, but the sex doll's torso can be perfectly reproduced! If you want to master her twin peaks with just one hand, it will take some practice. Her chest is the perfect conical shape, and the bottom of the chest is relatively small for a real woman. But she has big boobs, and the shape of her chest is firm and tapered.

BBW sex doll torso
Our sex doll not only has firm breasts but also does not sag; her breast; her the perfect female breast. You can lick her breasts wantonly and hold them gently; as you can imagine, your taste buds will enjoy unprecedented sweetness!

Realistic Tight Vagina and Anus Are Hidden Between Her Ass!
This sex doll torso has a beautiful and sexy appearance, and the inner design can also fully meet your needs.

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