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Sohimi Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy Cleaning & Maintenance Kit(CARE-KIT)

Sohimi Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

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4 in 1 male toy cleaning & maintenance kit, it include 2 absorbent drying sticks, 1 water-based lubricant applicator, 1 10.5 Oz enema douching bulb, when you own a beautiful doll, you certainly want to give here keep best. So for better using, we suggest you buy this kit. A lube applicator for easy lubricate, this tip is smooth and slim, allowing it easily to enter the interior of the masturbator and doll vaginal. A tube of the injector has a capacity of 10 ml and requires only one hand operation to help you dispense the perfect amount of lube with each use. No hand touching, no more waste. 10.5 Oz douching bulb for cleaning, This Rectal enema bulb made of soft, smooth and durable high quality silicone. Fill this bottom cleaner with clean water, gently insert it into the channel. 2 Drying Sticks for Fast Absorption of Water - They are made of super absorbent diatomaceous earth and at 6 inches in length, not only perfect for drying, but also adaptable to most of your pocket pussy toys. After washing and draining excess water from the channel, insert the dry stick gently (excessive pressure can cause crack or breakage). Once most water is absorbed, remove the rod to let it dry naturally before next use.
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