5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well

5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well

ave you ever been intimidated by the size of a 10-inch dildo? Unlike regular size dildos, they are always compared to the human arms to show their length and width most visually so that you can see at a glance how special it is, both in length and width. I don't know where you first saw the huge dildo, whether it shocked you at first, but now you can always find it in the best-selling list of every sex toy store, whether it's a man or a woman, the huge dildo is always loved for a variety of reasons.

As the title expresses, here we will not discuss the long-known fullness of a huge dildo. Of course, that's most of the reason for its popularity. Here I've collected five unusual reasons for using the 10-inch dildo, and perhaps more than you can imagine.

Easy To Control

Longer and thicker, these are the obvious features of the huge dildo. Its length is one of its biggest selling points, but some users prefer its length not because it can be more satisfying but as a handle to have better control of the dildo. 10-inch refers to its overall length. If you use part of it holding in your hand, its entry length is about 7 or 8inch, almost like the length of an ordinary dildo, but more convenient to hold in your hand.

"guess what? --that whole length does not go in me. Most of it works as a handle- thing to hold on to and adjust the angle with while the first 5ish inches (or less) is inside me."

woman with dildo

Not everyone will be attracted to a longer dildo, but it certainly won't turn down a more convenient way to use it. While most dildos have sucking cups that can be affixed anywhere by moving one's ass for pleasure, many prefer to hold it in their hands for use. The normal length dildo is often difficult to control, you can't get it all the way in if you want to hold it, and it's not easy to control if you get it all the way in. So the advantages of the huge dildo become apparent. You can use it partly into the body and easily change the angle and frequency.

Perform Physical Therapy

Ladies, do you always feel pain when you are being penetrated? It may be due to the bad foreplay if it happens once or twice, or you are just not ready for it, but if you always feel pain and discomfort with tearing pain in your intimate area, you may be suffering from a narrow vaginal opening.

huge dildo

It is not a very serious disease, so there is no need to panic. The clinical treatment nowadays is surgery for lateralization. Still, many women are not willing to have surgery, which is when some doctors suggest they buy a larger dildo as a dilator to enlarge their vaginal opening by rubbing and multiple stretches to achieve a therapeutic effect. So for this purpose, the huge dildo may bring more pain than pleasure, but it is important to be gentle when using it and to be hygienic to avoid inflammation if there is tearing and bleeding.

The Atmosphere Of Excitement And Openness

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